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The Ultimate Putter Fitting Experience

Book a putter fitting with Evnroll ERX to elevate your game today. Our expert fitters will transform your putting stroke with analysis from the Quintic Ball Roll System, making changes to your putter setup and swing to improve performance.

State-of-the-art fitting technology

Unlock Your Putting Potential

What is your putter IQ?

  • Are you right or left-eye dominant?
  • Where are your hands at impact?
  • What swing-weight best suits your stroke?
  • Is your miss a push or pull?
  • What is the right amount of toe hang for your stroke path?
  • Does your set up match your stroke?
  • What is your ideal grip shape and size?
  • What is your ideal ball position?
  • Does the shaft offset affect your aim or stroke?
  • What is your ideal lie angle? 

If you’ve had a professional putter fitting you could probably answer half of these questions. After an hour with a certified Evnroll fitter you will know the answers to all of these questions and many more.

Evnroll Approach

We take both an Organic and Analytical approach to putting fitting based on over 25 years of Guerin Rife’s experience designing, building and fitting putters for the best players in the world.

Fitting Details

  • 60 to 90 minutes
  • Detailed Quintic Putting Analysis
  • Evaluate Your Current Putter
  • Test multiple putter heads and weights, shafts, grips and more.
  • Optional: Custom Built Putter (Extra Fees Apply)

Location - Carlsbad, CA

  • Fit for Swing Weight

    Try different combinations of head weight, grip weight, and shaft length to find the perfect swing weight.

  • Loft & Lie Adjustments

    We will measure your current putter and walk through a series of options to find the ideal setup for your swing.

  • Find the Correct Grip/Shaft

    Try a variety of shaft lengths and grip types to discover what is most comfortable and fit for your swing.

Quintic Ball Roll Analysis

One of our experienced team of Evnroll Fitting Technicians will take you through your custom fitting step-by-step using the Quintic Ball Roll System.

Schedule A Fitting

The Quintic Ball Roll Analysis System is the gold standard for putting diagnostics and completely validates the EVNROLL Sweet Face Technology. The ultra-high speed camera captures a comprehensive array of stroke data while measuring the efficiency/consistency of the ball roll. Using this information our certified club fitters will build you a putter to the exact specifications needed to make more putts. This includes the head shape, length, weight, loft, lie and grip.

Alan Capistron

Alan, Evnroll's Director of Fitting and Tour Services is dedicated to helping you improve your putting whether that's a new club or adjustments to your routine.

  • Quintic Level II Certified Instructor
  • PGA Associate
Get Fit Today

No Two Putters are the same

A Bespoke Putter

Have your custom fitted putter crafted on the spot. Every putter is uniquely designed to suit your individual needs.


Fittings provided by master fitters at Evnroll HQ Putting Studio in Carlsbad, CA.

Evnroll ERX Studio is the best place to get fit. However, if you are looking for a local fitter, please review our map here. Club Champion and a number of retailers are authorized fitters.

ERX Studio Address: 1817 Aston Ave Suite 101, Carlsbad, CA 92008

"Go to Evnroll for a fitting, ROI is 100x"

Sean G.

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