Trade-In Program

More than 15,000 clubs from over 30 renowned brands are eligible.

  • Step 1

    Purchase your new Evnroll putter.

    Shop for your new Evnroll putter and place your order. If you need help with putter selection or getting fit for a custom club, book a remote fitting with Alan Capistron.

  • Step 2

    Submit Your Trade-In

    Complete your trade-in using the 2nd Swing valuation tool below and ship your clubs to 2nd Swing for inspection and to finalize your credit amount.

  • Step 3

    Receive Your Payment

    When your trade-in clubs have been received and inspected by 2nd Swing, you’ll receive cash via PayPal or check within 10 days.

evnroll golf club trade in

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How many items can I trade in at once?

There’s no cap on the number of items you can trade in with 2nd Swing! Feel free to add as many as you like to your cart until you're ready to proceed.

How do I receive payment?

You can opt to receive your payment either via check or PayPal. If you choose a check, 2nd Swing will send it to the address linked to your account. For PayPal payments, the funds will be deposited directly into the PayPal email provided by you. Please note, PayPal incurs a 2.9% convenience fee for its services.

How long will it take to complete my order?

2nd Swing appreciates your patience as it takes us about 7-10 business days from the receipt of your package to process and evaluate your trade-in. Rest assured, you will be informed with a detailed summary of all items via email once your order is processed.

What if I have questions about the value assessed for my trade-in?

Upon completion of your order, 2nd Swing will send you a detailed summary email. Should you have any questions or concerns about the valuation, don’t hesitate to call 2nd Swing at 612-216-5205.

What is your condition scale for trade-ins?

Clubs: 2nd Swing categorizes golf clubs into three conditions:

  • New: The club has never been used.
  • Average: Represents clubs with light to normal wear.
  • Below Average: For clubs showing significant wear, like visible paint chips or scratches.

Technology: 2nd Swing has two conditions for technology items:

  • New: The item is unused.
  • Fully Functional: All essential accessories must be included for a launch monitor or similar device to be considered fully functional. The functionality will be verified by our team upon receipt.

Terms & Conditions

Evnroll Putters' trade-in program, facilitated by a third party known as 2nd Swing, places the responsibility for all aspects of the program, including terms, conditions, processing steps, and value determinations, squarely on 2nd Swing. It's important to note that Evnroll Putters does not endorse, represent, or guarantee any materials or obligations put forth by 2nd Swing.

Participants in the trade-in program are exclusively dealing with 2nd Swing, not Evnroll Putters. As such, Evnroll Putters is not liable for any breaches of 2nd Swing's obligations or any failure by 2nd Swing to fulfill payment obligations for submitted clubs.

Evnroll Putters strongly advises prospective participants to thoroughly review all materials and obligations provided by 2nd Swing before engaging in the trade-in program.

Any questions or concerns regarding 2nd Swing's terms, conditions, or data collection practices should be reviewed directly with 2nd Swing at (612) 345-9791.