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Many frequently asked questions can be answered below.

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What are standard specs for Evnroll putters?

Each putter's specifications are located on each product's page in the Specifications dropdown. If you need information outside of that, please contact customer support.

What are standard head weights and how are they indicated? 

Head weights are indicated by markers on the bottom of the putter head, or on the weights. All putter head setups are 340 grams, 355 grams or 370 grams. The proper head weight is determined by the putter's length to ensure swing weight balancing.

Are the weights interchangeable on my putter?

Putters that have weight wings, backs, or rings can be adjusted. Older models and classic putters do not feature adjustable head weights. The head weight will not be adjustable for those models.

How does Evnroll measure club length?

We use a tape measure from the bottom of the sweet spot to the top of the grip.

Can you modify my putter into a MidLock putter?

Yes, this may require a new shaft/hosel/grip that is built to the proper MidLock specs. Stock specs are 71 lie, 4 deg loft, and about 6 inches longer than your standard length putter. Additional weights may be needed to reach the recommended head weight for MidLock which is 380g.

Which headcover fits my putter?

Putter covers are generally interchangeable for blades and mallets. Any blade head cover should hit a blade putter. The same is true for mallet putters. Some putter types including center shaft and mallet models – Zero, ER8, and ER11 have a unique head shape and have a cover specifically designed for a perfect fit.

What are the benefits of a high MOI putter?

High MOI means more stability in the club head when moving through the ball while putting. This will help with limiting the deflection of the head on mishits and making the putter smoother during the backswing.

  • Where can I get fit for an Evnroll?

    Evnroll ERX Studio is the best place to have a fitting but we understand not everyone can travel to SoCal. Club Champion is our recommended fitter. Check our map to see fitters near you.

  • Do you repair Evnroll Clubs?

    We do offer repair services. Please reach out to to set up a repair and for quotes on repair costs.

  • Warranty Information

    Putter warranty is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please contact customer service below if you are having an issue with your putter and would like to inquire about repair and replacement options.

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Submit the form below or call us at 760-448-6450 (8am to 4pm PST). All returns and warranty claims must be approved in advance. Please refer to our returns page for more information.

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