Nothing rolls like an Evnroll.

In 2016, designer Guerin Rife re-imagined putter technology to deliver uniform performance across the entire club face. Evnroll was born.

Evnroll's groundbreaking and unique patented groove technology provides unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion, earning them multiple awards for having the sweetest face in golf.

How Does SweetFace™ Technology Work?

Zero Dispersion: A series of closely spaced variable width channels that are wider in the center and get gradually narrower toward the heel and toe create a precisely calibrated v-shape that progressively redirects the ball down the target line.
Even Roll Distance: Since the channels get narrower away from the center, that spacing gets wider. This increase in contact surface means more energy transfer when a ball is hit away from the sweet spot.

Putting Robot Testing

Standard Putters vs. Evnroll

Robot Tested Proof: Watch unedited test footage comparing two identical putters with different face technologies. One having a standard milled face and the other with Evnroll SweetFace Technology.