Remote ERX Putter Fitting

Remote ERX Putter Fitting

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Experience precision like never before with our Remote Putter Fitting service. Tailored to your unique swing from the comfort of your home, our expert analysis ensure your putter is perfectly matched to your style, improving your game with every stroke. Elevate your golfing experience today.


  • Detailed putting analysis
  • Evaluate your current putter and ball roll
  • Personalized putter setup recommendation
  • 15 minute phone call or video call review your results
  • Optional: Custom built putter (Extra Fees Apply) with an easy one-click purchase link

Remote Fitting Process

  1. Purchase your putter fitting online
  2. Alan, Evnroll's Master Fitter, will contact you with fitting instructions
  3. Customers will record and send in videos for our expert analysis
  4. Our Evnroll Master Fitter will contact you within three business days with your results. Your fitting report will include a one-click link where you can easily purchase the putter with your exact specifications.
  5. Once your results are delivered, you have the option to connect with your fitter to review our recommendations.

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