"In 10 years of testing, I've never seen a putter dominate like this."

Experience precision with our 2024 Neo Classic Putters – engineered for enhanced ball speed ​and stability, embodying our most innovative putter technology to date.

evnroll neo classic 3d rendering

Available Online & In-Stores

  • Neo Classic ER1.2

  • Neo Classic ER2

  • Neo Classic ER2.2

  • Neo Classic ER5

  • Neo Classic ER8


evnroll 2024 neo classic putters
  • "The new polymer-backed aluminum insert scheme is a show-stopper."

    – David Wolfe, MyGolfSpy

  • "Pretty sure this putter has a remote control system where it somehow reads my mind and then executes to match it."

    – Alejandra, Golf Digest Hot List Tester

  • "Frankly, it is well deserving of such accolades. The Evnroll Neo Classic ER2 is the best blade putter of 2024."

    – MyGolfSpy 2024 Most Wanted