Evnroll Presents a Fresh Take on Award-Winning Classic Putter Line

Evnroll Presents a Fresh Take on Award-Winning Classic Putter Line

Evnroll Presents a Fresh Take on Award-Winning Classic Putter Line with New 2024 Neo Classics

Evnroll adds new models, updates trade dress look, and introduces a new logo. 

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, January 15, 2024 – Evnroll, the award-winning putter line featuring patented ‘SweetFace’ Technology, has added to its product line with five new Neo Classic models. The innovative putter company has also repackaged its outward look and introduced a new custom cursive logo.

Every putter brand has its classic designs; putters that never go out of style.  Iconic shapes that golfers have gravitated to through the ages but done with a certain flare by individual designers.  At Evnroll the impeccably milled ER2 and ER5 Classics form the foundation of the company’s putter offering.  Along with the 2 & 5 will be three more iconic shapes in the ER1.2, ER2.2 and ER8.  Together they present a fresh take on the original Classic line.  The Neo Classics. 

For the 2024 line, Evnroll has added adjustable bi-metal (steel and tungsten) sole weights ranging from 12.5 grams to 42.5 grams for consistent swing weight and balance at any length and a precision milled 6061 polymer-backed aluminum insert for a soft yet supple feel.  The result is enhanced stability and improved distance control.  The new line is available in Stainless Steel and Ceramic Black.

 “Also new for 2024 is a new classic trade dress look to stand out in the retail setting,” says Evnroll CEO and chief designer, Guerin Rife. “We are taking a more clean and bold approach with our grip, head cover, and putter head graphics that feature a new cursive treatment of the Evnroll script logo.” 

 As the company makes a move to repackage its outward look, it will continue to focus on its core message, “Nothing rolls like an Evnroll.”  When Evnroll first came on the scene in 2016, its patented SweetFace Technology was an instant success winning both the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Blade and Mallet in 2017 and 2018, a feat never accomplished in a single year much less two years in a row. 

 Featuring a precisely milled progressive groove configuration, every Evnroll putter imparts a consistent energy transfer at impact across the entire hitting area for unmatched distance control, and an even roll from center and off-center hits.  Hence the name Evnroll.  The inventor of grooves on putters back in the mid-90s, Rife has taken his original breakthrough roll technology to the ultimate level with SweetFace Technology.


The 2024 Neo Classics from Evnroll

Each putter in the Neo Classic line features:

  • Patented SweetFace Technology for even ball speeds and zero dispersion
  • Forged 303 stainless steel heads 100% milled and finished in Carlsbad, California USA
  • An ultra-light, precision milled, polymer-backed aluminum face insert for enhanced feel
  • Heel and toe steel and tungsten swing weights for enhanced stability and control
  • The proprietary RockerSole allowing the putter to sit square to the target line
  • Stepless steel shafts coated in straight chrome and black ceramic
  • The proprietary TourTac grip design
  • Ultra-premium magnetic head cover

ER1.2 – A heel and toe weighted blade design with a traditional plumber-neck hosel.  With its longer than normal heel to toe shape, this classic blade presents a perpendicular “T” shape for precision alignment to the target line.  Available in right hand.

ER2 – By far the most popular head shape in the Evnroll Neo Classic lineup.  The single-bend shaft mounts directly in the head creating a slight toe hang.  It is ½” shorter from heel to toe but deeper from front to rear than the ER1.2.  The result is the look and feel of a blade with a longer sightline for both perpendicular and parallel alignment.  A unique feature to Guerin Rife putter designs, the top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER2 a more elegant presentation at address.  Available in both right and left hand. 

ER2.2 – A heel and toe weighted blade design.  The ER2.2 features the same plumber-neck hosel as the ER1.2 while borrowing its head shape from the ER2 and features a blade style perpendicular setup at address but with an extended sight line for target line alignment.  Available in right hand.

ER5 – Borrowing its basic “fang” shape from the original ER5, the new ER5 features a sleeker shape with a gently radiused top line and directional 3D milling in the cavity base. The single bend shafting mounts directly into the head creating slightly more toe hang.  The top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER5 a more elegant presentation at address.  The inside straight edge of the rear wings works in concert with the cavity 3D milling and center sightline to optimize target line alignment.  Available in both right and left hand. 

ER8 – This elegant players mallet features a deep, three-section rear cavity with the longest sightline of all the Neo Classic models.  The top line is thinner behind the ball and over the cavity giving the ER8 a more elegant presentation at address.  The soft tail section allows the eyes to see the blade-like center section and the long cavity sightline to promote the dual aiming features of perpendicular and parallel alignment.  The single bend shaft mounting directly into the head allows for slight toe hang to promote a more straight back and thru stroke path.  Available in right hand.

 Nothing rolls like an Evnroll.


For more information on the full Evnroll putter line, please visit www.evnroll.com. 


About Evnroll Putters 

After three years of testing and development, Guerin Rife re-imagined his original face groove technology to deliver uniform performance for center and off-center hits, hence the name Evnroll.  In 2016 Evnroll Putters was born.  All Evnroll putters are 100% CNC milled in Carlsbad, California.  Each putter features Evnroll’s ground- breaking, patented ‘SweetFace Technology’ – an innovative and unique mill pattern engineered to deliver uniform ball speeds across the hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion.  Evnroll putters have won a host of accolades, awards and tournaments across the globe.


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